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  • Lungzarhtum Sele, a khaw mi te leh Zoram mipui ten an ngaihven a, an ngaihhlut êm êm thihdan phung pangngai loa a thi hi BIOCONE chuan pawi a ti takzet a, a thihna chhan dik tak hi chiang taka chhui chhuaka hma la turin thuneitu te a phut tlat a ni. Hemi kaihhnawiha dan bawhchhiatna hrang hrang thleng nia lang pawh chhuichhuaka, dan bawhchhetu te chunga an phu tawk hremna lekkawh ngei turin BIOCONE chuan thuneitu te a phut bawk.
  • State Climate Change Cell, Mizoram Science, Technology and Innovation Council (MISTIC) Department of Science & Technology DST and Biodiversity & Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE) organized a seminar on 'Effect of Climate Change on Herpetofauna' which was attended by officials from concerned departments such as Department of Science & Technology, Mizoram Pollution Control Board, Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Professors and researchers from Mizoram Universities, and environment NGOs representatives.

  • Nature Expedition was organized for BIOCONE Junior Members at Hmuifang, Mizoram on 24th October, 2012. 85 junior members from different localities such as Chanmari West, Bawngkawn, Ramhlun Venglai attended this event.
    The main objective of this expedition was to provide valuable qualitative and effective learning experiences which will encourage deeper thinking about the interaction between man and his environment.

  • BIOCONE was officially launched on 15th October, 2010 at I & PR Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram. The ceremony was chaired by Dr. C. Lalhmingliana, Vice President with Mr K Hawlla, conservator of forest as Chief Guest. The introductory speech was given by Dr. Vanlalhruaia, President. This function was attended by Environment and Forest department officials and representatives from other NGOs.

Latest Photos

  • Asian Black Bear
    ( Ursus thibetanus )
  • White headed black bulbul
    White headed black bulbul
    ( Hypsipetes leucocephalus stresemanni )
  • Asian Golden Cat
    Asian Golden Cat
    ( Catopuma temminckii )