Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE) is a registered society in the field of nature conservation in Mizoram state of India. From a humble beginning in the year 2010, BIOCONE is an active NGO and steadily gained recognition and expertise in conservation of flora and fauna of Mizoram. Dedicated and committed members have been able to attract the state government attention in nature conservation aspects.

Aims & Objectives
  1. To create biodiversity awareness among the general people in relation to the maintenance of ecological balance in the neighborhood.
  2. Wildlife exploration, species identification and study on their biology.
  3. Rescue and rehabilitation of important species
  4. To educate the new generation regarding the conservation aspects of nature and to inculcate in them love for wildlife and natural habitat as a whole.
  5. To curtail and eliminate the trade on wildlife by public awareness and by legal procedures
  6. To promote ecotourism in Mizoram.
  7. To understand problems in few rural areas adjacent to national park, wildlife sanctuaries and other forests and to prepare and implement appropriate project for integrated rural development so as to minimize people’s dependence on forest resources.