25 Oct 2015
Nest box
nest box
nest box
nest box
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Nest boxes can play a vital role as substitutes for hollows, providing nesting opportunities not only for birds but also for a wide range of wildlife. Tree hollows take a long time to form and usually occur in trees at least 100-200 years old. As a result of tree clearing, tree-hollows are an increasingly scarce resource in our landscape. While work is underway to plant native gardens, actively regenerate areas and restore landscapes, the significant time involved in growing trees to an age where they form hollows creates a shortage. If wildlife cannot find appropriate tree hollows, wildlife especially some birds cannot successfully breed. Nest boxes can increase habitat for these species. Nest boxes can also provide an opportunity for us to observe and monitor birds that are otherwise difficult to study.
This year, in collaboration with Science and Technology Department, Government of Mizoram, 50 nest boxes were constructed. There is a growing demand for the nestbox as people have more awareness for our environment. These nestboxes are placed in many academic institution areas and private garden and reserve forests of some villages.